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Q: How many liters is 28 cubic feet?
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How many cubic feet of CO2 in 1 liter?

There is approximately 28 liters per cubic foot.

How many cubic feet per 28 liters of top soil?

That is approximately 1 cubic ft.

How many liters in a cubic foot of compressed hydrogen?

A foot is 3.048 dm; a liter is a cubic decimeter. Therefore, a cubic foot of ANYTHING is 3.0483 liters (about 28 liters). It doesn't matter whether it is compressed hydrogen, or any other substance; both liters and cubic feet are measures of volume.

28 cubic meter is how many cubic feet?

1 cubic metre = 35.3 cu feet so 28 cubic metres = 988.8 cubic feet.

How many liters in 1700 cubic inches?

1700 cubic inches equates to about 28(27.85801) liters.

How many gallons is 28 cubic feet of water?

28 cubic feet = 209.45 US gallons.

How many liters are in a 28 centimeters?

There are 1000 cubic cm in one liter. Therefore there are 28/1000 liters in 28 cubic cm. But, as the question is asked, 28 cm cannot be converted to liters. cm, or centimeters, is a measure of length and liters is a measure of volume. They don't translate.

How many liters of water will one cubic foot hold?

A foot has 30.48 centimeters = 3.048 decimeters, and a liter is another name for a cubic decimeter. Therefore, a cubic foot = 3.0483 liters, or about 28 liters.

How many cubic yards in an area of 28 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet?

28' x 2' x 2' = 4.15 cubic yards.

How many liters of water is 28 cubic meters?

28,000 litres (1,000 litres per cubic meter).

How many cubic feet are in a 9ftx8xft28ft box?

28 x 9 x 8 = 2016 cubic feet (2016ft3).

How many cubic feet of mulch you need to cover an area of 28 x 45 feet?

201.6 cubic ft

40 inches x 28 inches x 8 inches is how many cubic feet?

Answer: 5.185 cubic feet

How many cubic feet are in a refrigerator that measures 62 inches by 28 inches by 27 inches?

62" x 28" x 27" = 27.125 cubic feet

How many cubic feet in a 28 ft trailer?


How many cubic feet in a 28 gallon container?

28 gallons (UK) = 4.5 cu ft

How much sand to cover 28 square feet 1 foot deep?

28 cubic feet (1.037 cubic yard, rounded)

How much does a cubic foot of nitrogen weight in oz?

22.4 liters of any gas at STP is a mole (approximately). For nitrogen, that's 28 grams. So since 22.4 liters is about 0.79 cubic feet and 28 grams is just very slightly under an ounce, a cubic foot of nitrogen gas at STP weighs about one and a quarter ounces.

How many cubic feet are in a space 5 feet wide 28 inches high and 36 inches deep?

35 cubic feet

How many cubic feet is the freezer that is 32 inches wide X 28 inches x 70 inches?

32-in x 28-in x 70-in = 65,720 cubic inches = 36.3 cubic feet (rounded)

What is the volume of 28 pounds of nitrogen gas?

28 pounds of nitrogen gas is 386.4 cubic feet or 10.948 cubic metres.One pound of nitrogen gas is 13.8 cubic feet or 0.391 cubic metres.13.8 * 28 = 386.4 cubic feet0.391 * 28 = 10.948 cubic metres

How do you figure cubic feet for a refrigerator?

I need to find out the cubic ft of a refrigerator it is 28 1/4 wide, 28 1/2 deep and 66 high 30.8 cubic feet

How many gallons of water are in a pool 28 feet by 14 feet with an average depth of 5 feet?

In One Cubic Foot There Is 7.4805 Gallons. To Get Cubic Feet Of A Square Or Rectangle Multiply length X width X depth = Cubic Feet 28 Ft. Length X 14 Ft. Width X 5 Ft. Deep = 1960 Cubic Feet 1960 X 7.4805 = 14,661.8 Gallons

How many cubic feet is 7 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft?

You did not provide enough dimensions for a cubic measurement. Seven feet by four feet is 28 square feet.

What does it mean when a refrigerator is 28 cubic feet?

Its internal measurements (width * depth * height) give its volume in cubic feet