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A liter is the same as a cubic decimeter. Convert the centimeters to decimeters (dividing the number of centimeters by 10), then multiply the three sides to get cubic decimeters or liters.

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Q: How many liters is a box measuring 100cm x 100cm x 100cm?
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How many liters go into a box measuring 32x17x13?

7072 cubic litres

How much liquid will fit into a box measuring 1 m on each side?

The volume of a box measuring 1m on each side is 1 cubic meter. Therefore, 1000 liters (1000L) of liquid will fit into this box, as 1 cubic meter is equivalent to 1000 liters.

How many liters is a box measuring 110 cm x 98 cm x 38 cm?

110cm*98cm*38cm = 409640cm3 = 409640mL = 409.64L

How many liters of oil in automatic gear box?

how many liters of oil automatic gear box laguna 2

How many liters is a cereal box?


How many 1cc cubes can fit into a box that is cubic meter in volume?

10,000 1cc cubes can fit into a box that is 1 cubic meter in volume.The answer above is completely wrong.Whoever wrote it didn't take the fact that a cubic meter is 3 dimensional into consideration.Here's how you would get the real answer:Find the dimensions of the cubic meter box. 1 meter = 100 centimetersThat means that each side of the cube is 100 cm longLet's draw the cube:100cm___________/ / 100cm/__________/| || |100cm| ||__________|Find the area of the cubic meter box The equation for finding the area of a cube is: base * heightBase = base width * base heightSo the equation is: base width * base height * cube heightSince all the sides are 100cm, the equation looks like this:100cm * 100cm * 100cm = 1,000,000cm3Do the math. It's obvious.FINAL ANSWER: 1,000,000cm3

How many of these box can be packed into a crate measuring 50cm by 35cm by 40cm?

how many of these box can be packed into a create measuring 50 cm by 35 cm by 40

How many liters in box 35cmx40cmx20cm?

so multiply them out. 800x35 is 28000cm3 which is 28 litres

What are units to measure juice box?


How do you convert 100 liters into length width and height. I want to make a box for car subwooffers and the company recommends the box should be of 100 liters so please tell me?

100 liters is a volume of an object having measurement of length, width, and height that, when multiplied together equal just a little more than 6,000 cubic inches. One way to calculate the dimensions needed would be to decide on the height of the box. If the box is to be 20 inches high, then the length multiplied by the width would be 300 square inches. This could be about 30 inches in length and 10 inches in width. Using the metric system, 100 liters equals 100,000 cubic centimeters and the three dimensions of the box multiplied together, such as 50cm height x 100cm length x 20cm width, equal 100,000cm3.

How many glasses of wine in a 3 liter box?

169.070 fluid ounces in five liters.

If a box measures 10cm x 20cm x 50cm how many liters of water does it hold?