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.76 kg per liter = 1.32 liters

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Q: How many liters of gas is there in kilogram?
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How many kilogram is liters?

1 kilogram

How many liters in a kilogram of honey?


How many liters in 120kg lime?

There are 120 liters in 120 kg of lime. The conversion of liters to kilogram is one is to one.

How many liters equal 1.00 kilograms?

"Liters" count a region in space. "Kilograms" count mass of a substance. The number of liters that 1.00 kilogram fills depends on the substance. If the substance is air, then 1.00 kilogram of it fills many liters. If the substance is water, then 1.00 kilogram of it fills roughly 1.0 liter. If the substance is lead or stone, then 1.00 kilogram of it fills only a small part of a liter.

25.4 gallon of gas is equal to how many liters of gas?

96.14945972 Liters

How many liters is 1 kilogram?

1 kilogram of water equals 1 liter.

How many kilogram natural gas is there in 1MMBtu of natural gas?


What is the volume in liters of a kilogram of ice at 0 degrees?

1.0 liters

How many liters of gas does a 2001 Pontiac sunfire hold?

40 Liters

What weighs 18 kilogram's?

Eighteen liters of water, or an eighteen kilogram dumbbell.

How many liters are in 1 kilograms?

It depends on what you are measuring. If it is water, 1 litres is 1 kilogram.

How many kilograms in1 liters?

A kilogram equals a litre, IF density is 1 g/ml