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About 8 liters for a smooth to semi smooth surface

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Q: How many liters of paint can cover a 50.0 square meters?
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How many square meters will 4 liters of paint cover?

4 l of paint will cover about 34.5 m²

How many square meters will 5 liters of paint cover?

That depends on how thick you paint, and how many layers of paint you use.

How many square metres will 4 liters of paint cover?

It depends how thick your layer of paint is.

How many square meters does a gallon of paint cover?

It depends on the paint, and the surface that you are painting - including its preparation.

How many square meters can one paint drum cover?

If your drum is a 55 gallon drum and your paint can cover 400 square feet per gallon then you may cover (one coat only) a square almost 150 by 150 feet.

How many liter of paint can cover a 12.15 square meter?

Paint coverage depends on the type of paint (acrylic, alkyd, enamel, latex, etc.), the texture and absorbency of the surface to be painted, and the type of application (brush, roller, or spray). A first coat of paint usually requires more paint than a second or third coat because it reduces absorbency by making the surface smoother. Most paint manufacturers specify coverage for their paint to be somewhere around 8.6 square meters per liter, so it would probably take about 1.5 liters to cover 12.15 meters with a single coat.

How many liters of paint is required to cover 1 square feet pipe surface?

About 1/80 of a litre - barely a touch out of the can.

A liter of paint covers an area of 15 square metres. How many liters to cover a wall 20 metres by 10 metres?


How many liters of paint will cover 500 meters square at 5mm thick?

A gallon of paint will cover about 300 square feetof wall area. So it will depend on the surface you are painting but in general square 5 gallons will cover approximately 1500square feet. Some manufacturers stretch ... If you can't decide between 4 or 5 gallons, go with 5 and buy it in a 5-gallon container. It should actually be cheaper than three 1-gallon cans, and you're guaranteed the colors will be the same.

Which is the best unit to measure the amount of paint in a can?

Liters (L) i am pretty sure this is correct because in my chemistry class today we were talking about the ratio of liters of red and white paint to make pink. Hope that helped

How many square meters will 4 litres of paint cover?

Look on the paint tin. Different paints have different coverage which also depends on the surface being painted: its porosity, preparation and so on.

How many square feet does 5 liters cover?

If you are thinking of paint (or something similar), you need to look at the tin to determine the coverage of the substance. That will also depend on the nature of the material that you are trying to cover - its porosity, for example.