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8*10*3 = 240 cubic feet.

Each cubic foot = 28.317 liters (rounded)

That's enough information to allow you to calculate the volume of the hot tub,

in liters. We have no way to know now much water may or may not be in it.

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Q: How many liters of water in a 8'x10'x3' hot tub?
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How many liters does a hot tub hold?

A standard typical 8x8 hot tub holds between 400 and 500 liters of water. Larger hot tubs can hold around 1,500 liters of water.

How many liters of hot water normally go into a bath?

An average bathtub holds about 160 litres of water.

What is the recommended daily consumption of water in liters?

Its 2 liters in normal Environment & 3 liters in Hot Environment...

How many liters of water does an average person consume each day?

2 litres a day unless in the hot sun

How many liters of water in a hot tub that is 7' x 7' x 3'?

2,296.875 cm3 About 2295 litres

Average hot water usage per person?

On average, a person uses hot water for showering and for preparing food. A person can use about 50 liters of hot water in a day.

Will 1 liter of hot water have more or less heat energy than 2 liters of hot water and why?

Less - lower mass.

Will 1 liter of hot water have more or less heat energy than 2 liters of hot water why?

The 2 litres will have more thermodynamic energy - even if it not as hot.

Will 1 liter of hot water have more or less heat energy than 2 liters of hot water?

because blah blah blah blah

What unit would best measure the amount of water in a hot water tank?

Liters or gallons, depending if your in Canada or US

If a bucket with 55 liters of hot water at 45 celsius is added to 45kg of water at 1 c what is the final temp of the water?

25.2 C

Is it possible to drink 10 liters of water in a day?

Probably if you were working outside on a very hot day and sweating a lot.

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