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Q: How many litters does a coyote have per year?
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Also how many litters per year do potbellied pigs have?

how many litters per year does a potbelly pig have

How many litters does a fox have a year?

once per year

How many litters can a polar bear have per year?


How many babies can a shrew have?

4 litters per year, up to 8 each

How many litters can a mongoose have per year?

well according to my calculations, the mongoose can have at least 5

How many litters of piglets does a sow have every year?

A sow can have 2 litters per year. Gestation length of a sow is about 112 to 119 days though most will farrow at about 116 days.

How many litters per year do malamutes have?

Although it is possible for a dog to have two litters a year, this is not adviseable as it puts too much strain on the mother. Dogs should not have more than two or three litters in their lifetime and most major Kennel Clubs will not register puppies from a female that has had more than three litters.

What is the number of litters grizzly bears have per year?

1 or 2 liters a year

How many litters of coke is consumed in the world per month?

About 500,000 litters each month.

How many babies does a cheetah have a year?

a cheetah has about 3 per litter.i don't know how many litters per year.

How many off springs do squirrels have?

Squirrels usually have 2 litters per year of about 1-6 young, though usually 3.

How many times does a mice give birth to babies annually?

They can give birth to as many as 40 pups per year, and those progeny can start having babies about 8 weeks later each producing up to 10 litters per year.