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Density of petroleum diesel is about 0.832 kg/l (6.943 lb/US gal)

A short ton (2,000 pounds) equals 907.1847 kg

So, (907.1847 kg / .832) = 1,090.36 liters in one ton

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Q: How many litters of diesel fuel equal 1 ton?
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How many BTU per gallon of diesel fuel?

One gallon of diesel fuel is equal to 139,200 BTU. The man who invented the compression-ignition engine was Rudolf Diesel. This is where diesel fuel gets its name.

A barrel of Diesel equals to how many liters of Diesel?

One barrel of crude oil produces about 9.21 US gallons of diesel fuel - equal to about 34.9 liters.

How many pounds does 1 gallon of diesel fuel equal?

1 Us Gallon is = 7.149 pounds

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How many gallons of diesel fuel equal 1 ton?

The density of No. 2 diesel fuel is approximately 7.15 pounds per US gallon. So Here is a little math for you... take 2000lbs(1 ton) Divide by 7.15 and you will get your answer. approximately 279.70 gallons of No. 2 diesel Fuel is equal to 1 ton.

How many gallons of diesel fuel is in 207538 pounds of diesel fuel?

29,026 gallons

How many calories in 1 liter Diesel oil?

There are not any calories in diesel fuel oil. Diesel fuel oil should not be consumed by humans or animals. Consumption of the fuel oil can be fatal.

How many fuel injectors does a diesel truck have?

A diesel truck has as one fuel injector for each cylinder. So a v8 diesel has 8 injectors.

How many litres of diesel fuel per cubic foot?

One cubic foot of diesel fuel is equal to 7.4805 U.S. gallons of diesel fuel. There are 3.7854 liters per U.S. gallon. Therefore, one cubic foot of diesel fuel is equal to 28.32 liters.V = ( 1.0 ft^3 ) ( 7.4805 gal / ft^3 ) ( 3.7854 L / gal ) = 28.32 L

How many gal diesel fuel in 1 ton?


How many fuel filters in 93 f250?

diesel or gas?

How many liters of air goes into a diesel engine for 1 liter of fuel?

Nine cubic meters of air is required to burn 1 liter of fuel in a diesel engine. A person does not put liters of air into a diesel engine. Liters of fuel are put into a diesel engine.