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It depends on the size of wall and the colour used .

If coating a dark with a light colour youll need 50% more to add a mist coat before applying the final 2 coats. On average 2.5 litres will covers 30sq mtrs. But thats over a similar colour as a base

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Q: How many litters paint will you apply for square meters of a wall?
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How many square meters does a gallon of paint cover?

It depends on the paint, and the surface that you are painting - including its preparation.

How many square meters will 5 liters of paint cover?

That depends on how thick you paint, and how many layers of paint you use.

How many square meters will 4 liters of paint cover?

4 l of paint will cover about 34.5 m²

What volume of paint would be used on a cylinder having 5m diameter and 5 meters in height if the paint thickness is 001 microns?

A cylinder 5 meters by 5 meters has a surface area of 25 square meters. If the paint is 1 micron thick, that equals 0.000001 meters. so the volume would be 25 x 0.000001 = 0.000025 cubic meters

How much does paint cost per square foot or meter?

Depends on the quality of the paint. To estimate the cost per square foot, divide the cost of the paint by 350, for square meters, divide the cost by 32.5 and that should give you a pretty good idea of what it will cost for one coat of paint.

How many litres of paint for 165 square foot?

It depends how thickly you apply the paint ! Paint cans usually have a label stating a typical area that the contents will cover.

How many square meters can you paint with one liter?

Single coat ,100sqft Double coat 50sqft

How many sq meters does 10 liter masonary paint cover?

The coverage of paint depends on the texture of the surface that is being painted. Theoretically, a quart of ordinary house paint, spread at 4 mils thickness on a smooth surface will cover 100 square feet. However, as texture of the surface increases, the coverage will drop. A quart of paint could yield 50 square feet or less on a rough stucco or corrugated surface.

How many square meters can one paint drum cover?

If your drum is a 55 gallon drum and your paint can cover 400 square feet per gallon then you may cover (one coat only) a square almost 150 by 150 feet.

How many liters of paint can cover a 50.0 square meters?

About 8 liters for a smooth to semi smooth surface

Convert 30 square meters to cubic meters?

"Square meter" is a unit of area. "Cubic meter" is a unit of volume.If you have a large box, the "square meters" of its sides would tell you how much paint you needin order to paint the sides, whereas the "cubic meters" of its inside would tell you how much waterit would take to fill it."Square" meters and "Cubic" meters are completely different units, and they're used to measurecompletely different quantities. Neither one can be converted into the other. That would be liketrying to convert your age into gallons.

What is the surface area of the Eiffel tower?

The surface area of the Eiffel Tower is 220,000 square meters. It is repainted every five years with 50 tons of paint. (: