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It depends on how the quarter section gets subdivided by the developer. Lot size in the US can be as small as one quarter of an acre, or as large as 10 acres. Since a quarter section is 160 acres (assuming there are no correction lines nearby), there are somewhere between 16 and 640 lots in it.

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Q: How many lots in a quarter section of land?
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How many hectares is in one quarter of land?

Since a quarter section of land is 160 acres, and 1 acre = 0.404 hectares, then 1 quarter section is equivalent to 64.78 hectares of land.

How many square miles in a quarter section of land?

1 quarter of a mile square. Each section is 1 mile square so a quarter section is 1/4 mile square.

How many acres in a quarter section of land?

One section is equal to one square mile. In one square mile, there are 640 acres, therefore in one quarter of a section of land, there are 160 acres.

A developer sells lots of land in increments of three quarter acre if the developer has 60 acres how many lots can be sold?

80 lots

How many quarters in a section of land?

There are four quarters to a section, and each quarter also has four quarters in the US land survey system. So you could say there are 16 quarters. For example, if you came across a land plot description that looked like this: Sec. 32, NW 1/4 SW 1/4, you would read it thusly: "The northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 32."

Who many acres are in NE quarter section?

Any quarter section is comprised of 160 acres.

How many hectares in a quarter section?

64.752 hectares in a quarter

How many miles in a quarter section?

a quarter mile by half mile

How many acres is in a quarter?

You haven't said a 'quarter' of what. If it's a quarter section, then there are 160 acres in it.

How many acres in the SW quarter of the SE quarter of section 1?

Assuming that there is nothing strange going on (e.g. sloppy surveying) there are 40 acres in the quarter-quarter section.

How many acres in a quarter section?


How many acres in a section of south half of north half of north quarter?

It would be equal to 1/16th of the total plot of land.