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There are 5 main types: equilateral, isosceles, right angle, scalene and obtuse

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Q: How many main types of triangles are mentioned in geometry?
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How many types of main triangles are there?


What are the three types of geometry?

There are more than three types, although 2 main types are Euclidean and Taxicab Geometry

What are the kinds of mathematics?

The three main types of Mathematics: Arithmetic, Geometry, and algebra.

Does all types of triangles have the same number of sides?

no they dont. the main type of triangles are isoceles equilateral and scarlene and they do not have the same numbers of sides

What is knife-edge geometry?

Knife edge geometry refers to the shape of the cutting edges and the relief behind it. The three main types are Hollow, Taper and Flat..the name refers to the shape of the grinds which makes up the edge geometry.

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One main characteristic of non-Euclidean geometry is hyperbolic geometry. The other is elliptic geometry. Non-Euclidean geometry is still closely related to Euclidean geometry.

What kind of math does an Architect use?

Architects tend to use all types of math, but one main math used is Geometry. Architects must understand how slopes, intercepts and other terms found in geometry.

What are the main triangles?

equilateral, isosceles and scalene.

What are the three main types of triangles?

scalene,isosceles and equilateral issocles,scalene,equalatral i like people like you that have good questions like that one.

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It depends on whether you are counting the large main trriangles or counting all of the other triagles formed when drawing the just the Maine triangles. I counted 8 main triangles in a regular eneágono.

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