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Q: How many mats 39.4 inches x 78.8 inches to cover 2000 square feet?
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How square feet does 13 inches x 13 inches cover?

1.174 square feet.

How many square feet do I need to cover a 34 inches by 24 inches?

Approximately 5.8 square feet. Six square feet to be safe.

What area would three square feet cover?

Three square feet would cover one square yard or 36 square inches.

How many square feet of carpet is needed to cover 15 feet 7 inches by 11 feet 9 inches?

184.08 square feet is needed.

What will a square yard cover in feet to a depth of 6 inches?

Knowing how many square yards in feet will cover when working with depths up to six inches, in important to know, especially in construction. There will be 54 square feet when you have a depth of six inches.

How many bales of straw does it take to cover 2000 square feet as a ground cover a few inches thick.?

I would guess about 70-80 bales

How many 9x9 in tiles to cover 9 square feet?

Each tile covers 81 square inches. You have 1,296 square inches to cover. It will take 16 tiles to cover that area.

How much square feet is 41 16x16 tiles?

If they 16 is in inches, this would be 256 square inches per tile. That would cover 10,496 square inches. Divide by 144 and you get 72.89 square feet.

How many square feet will a yard of dirt cover at 8 inches thick?

One "yard" of dirt (meaning one cubic yard) contains 46,656 cubic inches. Spread 8 inches thick this will cover 5832 square inches or 40.5 square feet.

How many square feet will 1 yard of top soil cover at 2 inches thick?

1 yard topsoil covers 100 square feet to 3 inches, 200 square feet to 1.5 inches and 300 square feet to 1 inch.

How many square feet would 41 tiles 16 x16 inches cover?

Approximately 73 square feet.

How many feet will one yard of concrete at 4 inches cover?

81 square feet

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