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There are a thousand micrograms per milligram, therefore .125 mg is equal to 125 mcg.

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Q: How many mcg's is .125 mg?
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How many mcgs are there in a mg?

1,000mcg per mg

How many mcgs is 0.15 mg?

150mcg (1000mcg per mg).

How many mcgs are in a mg?

One thousand mcg per mg

How many mcg is 7.5 mg?

7,500 mcgs.

How many mcgs is 1000 mg?

1000mg equals 1000000mcg

How many mcgs are in 0.075 mg?

0.075mg equals 75mcg

How many mcgs in .025 mg?

0.025mg equals 25mcg

How many mcgs equal 100 mg?

100mg = 100,000 micrograms (1000mcg per mg).

How many mcgs in a mg?

There are 1,000 micrograms (mcg) per milligram.

How many mcgs in 1 mg?

There are 1000mcg in 1 mg. To convert mg to mcg just add 3 zeros.

How many mgs is .125 mcgs?

.126 micrograms is 0.000125mg .126 micrograms is 0.000125mg

How many 125 g mg?

1 g = 1000 mg so 125 g = 125*1000 mg = 125,000 mg. Simple!

Is 0.5 mg equal to 5000 mcgs?

no, 0.5mg is 500mcgs

How many mcg is 1000 mg?

1000000 mcg = 1000 mg or in essence there are 1 million mcgs in 1 gram because 1000 mg is equal 1 gram

125 mg of synthroid How many mcg do you need?

I am guessing you mean .125 mg of Synthroid and this is the same as 125 micorgrams. This is a common dose. 125 mg is 125,000 micrograms.

Mcg vs mg?

Microgram is abbreviated as mcg, and mg is short for milligram. One mcg equals .001 mg, conversely 1 mg is 1000 mcgs.

How many grams is 125 mg?

There are two ways to do this. Since there is only one answer, the two ways show us that the fraction 1/8=.125. This is just a fun byproduct of this problem. 1. since 125x8=1000 we know that 125 mg is 1/8 of 1000 mg and 1000 mg is 1 gram. 2. 125 mg x 1gram/1000 mg=125/1000. So 125 mg is .125 grams. Now since there is only one answer, we must have .125=1/8

How many mg is 125 mcg?

125mcg equals 0.125mg (1000mcg per mg).

How many mg equal 0.125 grains?

8.1 mg, approx.

How many mcgs in one carrot?


How many mcgs in 0.1 gm?


How many mg is in 0.125gm?

0.125 grams = 125 milligrams

Which is more 125mg or 075 mg?

125 is more than 075, so 125 mg is more than 075 mg.

Which is larger 125 mg or 15 mg?

Well, 125 is larger than 15, so . . .

Is 25 mg larger than 125 mg?


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