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lolwe just started this in chemits 1mill1 million pascals = 1 mega pascalmega byte?= 1mill byteall prefixes are the same

cmom that's what Google is fordont waste other ppl's time

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Q: How many mega pascals in one pascal?
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How many pascals are in one pascal?


How to convert pascals to mega pascals?

Mega means million. So if you have the number of Pascals and want to convert to mega Pascals just divide by 1,000,000.

How many pascals equals to 1 meter?

A pascal is one Newton per square meter. You cannot go from pascal to meters, they are different units of measurement.

What is a MPascal?

A unit of pressure. One Pascal (Pa) is 1 N/m. One MPa is one million pascals.

The pascal is a metric unit for measuring what?

A pascal is a measurement of pressure, equal to one Newton per square metre. To compare, atmospheric pressure at sea level is 101325 pascals. ■

Are pascals the same as newtons per square meter?

One pascal, a unit of pressure equivalent to one newton per square meter

What are pascals?

Pascal (Pa), is the SI unit of pressure - equivalent to one newton per square meter. Pressure is force divided by area.

Pascals to Press conversion to Kgcm2?

1 kg per square centimeter is 98066.5 Pascals.1 pascal pressure is 1 newton / m2 (force / area) 1 kg/cm2 = 10000 kgforce/m21 kgforce = 1 kg * 9.80665 m/s2 = 9.80665 NewtonsSo 1 kg/cm2 = 98066.5 N/m21 Pascal is defined as 1 N/m2So 1 kg per cm2 = 98066.5Pa

What is pressure and its units in metric system?

Pressure is the ratio of a force acting over (pressing on, or pushing against) a certain area. Pressure is measured in pascals, named after the 17th century French scientist Blaise Pascal. One pascal (Pa) is the pressure from a force of one newton(N) pressing on an area of one square metre (m2). Pa = N/m2. Five newtons acting on one square metre would be five pascals. Five newtons acting on two square metre would be two and a half pascals. Five newtons acting on five square metre would be one pascal.

What do the numbers in the following electrodes mean 6011?

E stands for electrode, 60 Is one tenth of the tensile strength in mega pascals. And the last two is polarity position and covering, so with a E6011 u have a cellulose electrode for all positions all polaritys with a tensile strength of 600 mega pascals.

How many pascals in one bar?

1 bar = 10^5 pascals (that's 10 to the 5th power, or 100,000 pascals)

What is the definition of kilopascal?

One thousand pascals. A pascal is a unit of atmospheric pressure or pressure generally. There is about 7 kilopascals in one psi. The atmospheric pressure at sea level is approximately one hundred kilopascals.