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Q: How many mellimeters are in one decimeter?
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How many meters equals how many decimeter?

A decimeter is one tenth of a meter.

How many micrometer are there in one decimeter?

There are 11 micrometer in 1 decimeter

How many square millimeters are in 1 square decimeter?

how much is one decimeter?

How many meters equal one decimeter?

1 decimeter=0.1 meters

One decimeter contains how many centimeters?

1 decimeter = 10 centimeters

How many liters of water in a cubic decimeter?

There is one liter per cubic decimeter.

A decimeter ishow many millimeters long?

One decimeter equals to 100 millimeters.

1 decimeter is into how many meters?

A decimeter is one-tenth of a meter. There are 10 decimeters in a meter.

How many cenimeters are in one decimeter?


How many liters is one decimeter?


8 centimeters equals how many decimeters?

A Centimeter is one one hundredth of a meter A Decimeter is one tenth of a meter Therefore there are 10 Centimeters in one Decimeter So 8 Centimeters is 0.8 of a Decimeter.

How many feet square are in a decimeter?

There are .108 square feet in one decimeter. One square foot is equal to 9.29 decimeters.