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Q: How many men over 50 are virgins?
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How many single men over 50 in the world?

There are varying numbers of single men over 50 in the world at any given time. The reason that this number cannot be pinpointed is that there are men reaching this age every day as well as deaths.

Is it true that over 50 percent of men file complaints of sexual harassment?

No, it's not true over 50 percent of men file complaints of sexual harassment

How many men did Achilles take to troy?

50 ships with 50 men in each ship

What do terrorist want?

to kill thousands of people!

Who wrote the song 50 cent many men?

50 cent lol

Are there dating website for men older than 50?

There are many websites designed for people over 50 to meet people for dating. Some such sites are, is a site designed to help you find the best dating sites for people over 50.

Where can single girls who are over the age of 50 meet single guys?

There are dating sites online specifically catering to singles over 50 where single girls can meet single men. If you are not into meeting men online, a few of the highest rated places to meet men over 50 are: grocery stores, sporting goods stores, and home improvement stores.

What's colonoscopy and what is it for?

A colonoscopy is a test that detects the early stages of colon cancer and doctors recommend that men 50 and over get this test due to the fact that men being 50 and over are more prone to get colon cancer.

The American declaration was signed by how many men?


How many grams of fiber a day are men and women in the UK to have?

Men that are between ages 19 and 50 should receive 38 grams of fibre, whereas men that are over the age of 50 should decrease their intake to only 30 grams. Women that are between 19 and 50 require 25 grams of fibre a day; when they are older than 50 this amount increases to 30 grams.

How many men are there in Scotland?

Pretty strange question. 50% male 50% female possibly?

How many men has maria ozawa slept with?

No one