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Ok, so in a meter there are 100 centimeters.

So how many hundreds can we make out of 742.

7, so there are 7 meters in 742 centimeters, plus 42 centimeters.

We could however consider the 42 centimeters as 0.42 meters, however it is not clear from the question which answer you are after.

7m or 7.42m

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Q: How many meters are 742 centimeter?
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A centimeter is equal to how many meters?

1 centimeter=0.01 meters

How many kilometers are there in 742 meters?

0.742 km

How many meters are in 1219.2 centimeter?

12.192 meters

How many centimeter in 4.45 meters?

4.45 meters is 445cm

149 centimeter equals how many meters?

1.49 meters

How many meters are in 750 centimeter?

There are 7.5 meters in 750 centimeters. 750 centimeters x 0.01 meters/1 centimeter = 7.5 meters 1 centimeter = 0.01 meters

How many meters are in one centimeter meter?

if you mean 1 centimeter, NONE

166 centimeter equals how many meters?

166 centimeter = 1.66 meter

How many centimeter in 400 meters?

4 meters 1 meter = 100 centimeters 1 centimeter = 0.01 meter

How many centimeter are in 1.58 meters?


How many 1 meters in a centimeter?


How many meters in 1 centimeter?