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1 light nanosecond = 0.299792458 meter

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Q: How many meters are in a light nanosecond?
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How many meters will a photon of light energy travel in one nanosecond?

About 0.3 meters in a vacuum. Divide that by 1.0003 to get the distance in meters per nanosecond through air. Divide by 1.5 for glass.

How many feet does a beam of light travel in one nanosecond?

A beam of light travels 5 feet in one nanosecond.

What is the distance light travels in a nanosecond?

Light travels 299.792458 millimeters in 1 nanosecond Here's a handy mnemonic: "1 light-nanosecond = 1 foot" is only about 1.6% off.

How far is a light minute verse astromical unit?

A light nanosecond second is .3 meters (good to remember this), so a light second is 0.3 X 10^9 meters. A light minute is 60 X 0.3 X 10^9 meters which is 18 x 10^6 kilometers.

How long is a light-nanosecond?

In one nanosecond (ns), light will travel 30.0 cm, about 1 ft. The speed of light (in a vacuum*) = 186,000 miles per second, or 0.000186 miles per nanosecond, around 1 foot/ns. *note: Light travels slower moving through matter.

How many seconds equal 1 nanosecond?

1 nanosecond = 0.0000000001 seconds

How far does light travel in a nanosecond?

The speed of light in vacuum corresponds to 299.8 millimeters, or 11.8 inches, per nanosecond. As engineers, expected to be able to recognize and work with "close enough" figures, we often use "1 nanosecond = 1 foot."

How many moments in 1 nanosecond?

3.14159265358 moments make up 1 nanosecond

How many nanoseconds does it take light to travel 2.5 ft?

One 'rule of thumb' that many of us oldtime engineers carry in our decomposing mental toolboxes is: 1 foot = 1 nanosecond. Since you asked, I'll calculate it now, and see how close it is: Speed of light in vacuum = 299,792,458 meters per second. Use 1 meter = 3.28084 feet Speed of light = 983571000 feet per second. Speed of light = 0.98357+ foot per nanosecond "1 foot = 1 nanosecond" is within 1.65 percent of being accurate. 2.5 feet (in vacuum) takes 2.5418 nanoseconds (rounded)

1 nanosecond equals how many seconds?

1 nanosecond = 10-9 sec = 0.000000001 sec = 1 billionth of a sec. (Roughly the time it takes light/radio to travel one foot.)

What is the amount of time light travels a certain distance?

Let's figue it out. Light travels 300,000,000 meters per second. In scientific notation, that is 0.3 X 10^9 meters per second. I chose 0.3 meter because that's about how wide your computer screen is, and 10^9 is a nanosecond. So a beam of light travels 0.3 meter in a nanosecond. You can figure out everything else from that! True but not very it goes really fast and stuff u no

How many nanosecond are there in a microsecond?

1,000 of them.

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