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82 kilometres = 82,000 metres

1 hour = 3,600 seconds

82,000 / 3,600 = 22.78 metres per second

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80000:3600 = 22,22 meters per second.

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Q: How many meters are you traveling per second at 80kph?
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If you traveling forty centimeters per second how many meters are you going per minute?

At 40 centimeters per second, you are traveling 24 meters per minute.

A car is traveling 70 meters per second how many miles per hour is that?

70 meters per second = 156.6 mph

If an animal runs 50 kilometers per hour how many meters per second does it run?

At 50 km/h, an animal is traveling 13.89 meters per second.

How many meters per second are there in 1 kilo meters per second?

There are 1000 meters/second in 1 kilo meters/second

How many feet per second am I traveling at 180mph?

At 180mph you are traveling at 264 feet per second.

A car traveling 10 mph will travel how many meters in an hour?

At 10 miles per hour, a car is traveling 16,090 meters per hour.

How many feet per second do you have to be traveling to be going 55miles per hour?

You have to be traveling at about 80.67 feet per second.

If you traveling 60mph how many feet per second will you travel?

At 60 mph you are traveling at 88 feet per second.

How many meters a second is feet per second?

1 foot per second = 0.3048 meters per second.

How many miles per hour is something traveling if it is going 90 meters per second?

90 metres/ sec = 324 km / hour = 201.3 miles/hour

How many meters per second in 1000 miles per hour?

447.04 Meters/Second

If you are travelling at 85kmh how many meters traveled per second?

23.6 meters per second.