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Q: How many meters from the building should the heel of a 10 meter ladder be placed to reach a height of 8 meters?
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A 15 metre long ladder is placed against a wall in such a way from the wall up to what height does the ladder reach the wall?

15 meters, or less, depending on the angle.

The foot of a ladder is placed 5 feet from a building the top of the ladder rests 12 feet up on the building how long is the ladder?

13 feet

How high up on a building will a 15 foot ladder reach if the foot of the ladder is placed 5 feet from the building?


A 40 foot ladder is placed against a building the ladder forms a 75 degree angle with the ground How high up the building does the ladder reach?


A 24-foot ladder is placed against a vertical wall of a building with the bottom of the ladder standing on level ground 22 feet from the basse of the building?


a 12 foot ladder is placed against a wall so that the base of the ladder is 2 feet away from the wall. What is the height of the top of the ladder?

10,000 m

Approximately how far should the bottom of the ladder be from the base of the wall?

1/4 the height of the ladder. (flat top on rungs should be level when ladder is placed right.

Where do concrete words sit on the ladder of abstraction?

Concrete words are placed lower on the ladder, and more abstract terms are placed higher, or closer to the top.

8 foot ladder how far from the wall should you place the base of the ladder?

It should be placed 2 ft from the wall

If a ladder 40 feet long is placed so as to reach a window 30 feet high. What angle does it make with the level ground and how far is its foot from the base of the building?

Answer your self dont know

What is the slope of the ladder when the ladder is placed 4 ft away from the house and is 16 ft tall on the house?

The slope is 4 (no units), and the ladder is 16.492 feet long. (rounded)

A painter placed a 25 foot ladder against a wall thw base of the ladder was 7 feet from the side of the building How high on the wall did the ladder reach?