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the lenght of an olympic sized swimming pool is 50 meters from one end to the other

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Depends on the size of the pool.

An Olympic size pool is 50 meters in length.

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32 lengths of a 25 meter pool is 800 meters (0.8km)

32 lengths of a 50 meter pool (Olympic standard length) is 1600 meters (1.6 km or roughly 1 mile)

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Q: How many meters is 32 lengths of a pool?
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How many swimming lengths do you have to swim to get 800 meters certificate?

In a 25 meter pool, 32 In a 50 meter pool, 16

How many lengths would you swim in a 1600 meter race?

Depending on whether the pool is either 25 or 50 meters long, either 64 lengths or 32 lengths.

How many lengths to get half mile in a 25 meter pool?

32 lengths of a standard training pool 25m

How far would you swim if you swam 32 lengths of shipley baths?

you would have swam 875 meters if you did 32 lenths at shipley pool

How many pool laps is 800 meters?

800 metres in a 25 metre pool is 32 lengths, however, you may count 2 lengths as one 'lap' or 'circuit,' which would make 16 laps.800 yards = meters?1 yard = 0.9144 meters800 * 0.9144 = 731.52 meters731.52 meters/25 meters = 29.2608800 yards in a 25 meter pool is 29 laps.

800 yards is how many laps in a pool?

In a standard yard pool, 25 yards, it takes 66 laps.

How many 50-cm lengths canbe cut from 18 meters?


How many lengths in a 25 meter pool is 2 km?

The same number of meters as on land......... But if you want to know how many lengths it is about 64 or 32 laps (there and back). 1 mile is 1609.344 meters. So you would have to go 64.37 laps in a 25M pool. 1609.344/25 meters.

How many lengths in 25m in swimming?

82x25 = 2050meters 1 meter = 0.000621371192 miles So The Answer is 1.27381 miles or 1 mile and 481.907 yards

Is 32 lengths a quarter of a mile in a pool?

Absolutely, if the pool happens to be 41.25 feet long.

How many laps equal a mile in an olympic size pool?

In a 50 meter pool, one mile would be 16 laps (32 lengths).

How many laps is 800 yards in a 25 meter pool?

to swim 800 meters in a 25 meter poll, you must swim 32 lengths, but to swim 800 YARDS, you only have to swim 29.26 lengths (so you should just swim 30 lenghts)