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These measurements cannot be converted. Square meters are a measure of area and feet and inches are a measure of length.

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Q: How many meters squared equal 5 foot 11 inches?
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How do you work out 4 foot squared into inches?

No square unit is equal to any un-squared unit."Foot squared" is an area, but "inches" are lengths.If you want to, you can convert 4 foot squared to inches squared, but not to inches.This is how you would do it:First, you need to know the basic measurement conversion. 1 foot = 12 inches.Also, you need to know that a number squared is that number times itself.1 foot = 12 inches(1 foot) squared = (12 inches) squared = (12 inches) x (12 inches) = 144 inches squared.4 foot squared = 576 inches squared.

What is 4 foot 8inches in meters?

56 inches is equal to 1.4224 meters.

How many meters is equal to 5 foot 6 inches?

5 feet 6 inches=1.6764 meters

5 foot 4 inches equal to how many meters?

5 feet 4 inches = about 1.63 meters.

What is 1 foot squared to inches squared?

1 foot = 12 inches 12*12 = 144 square inches.

How do you convert 5 feet 11 inches into meters?

One meter is equal to 39.37 inches. Five foot eleven inches is equal to 71 inches. 71 inches / 39.37 inches = 1.80 meters

What is 0.5m equal to in feet?

0.5 meters is 1 foot and 7.69 inches.

How many meters squared in one foot squared?


How many squared meters is ft x ft?

1 squared ft = 0.0929 sq metres, approx.Since one foot is exactly 0.3048 meters, a square foot is 0.3048 squared square meters.

How many inches squared are in 1 foot squared?

A square foot is 12" x 12" =144 square inches.

How many meters are there in 1 feet 11 inches?

There are 12 inches in one foot. Therefore, 1 foot 11 inches is equal to 12 + 11 = 23 inches.

How many meters squared equal 5 foot 9 inches?

There is no sensible answer to this question. A metre squared is a measure of area, with dimensions [L2]. 5 foot 9 inches is a measure of length (height?), with dimensions [L]. Basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions without additional information.

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