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Hector, the warrior in the Trojan wars, was probably a little short of 2 metres tall.

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How many sq meters in a hector?

Not sure about a hector but there are 10000 sq metres in a hectare.

How many meters in a hector?

There are 100 metres in a hectometre

How many square meter in 1 Hector?

Not sure about a hector, but 1 hectare = 10000 square metres.

How many square meter in one Hector?

In Homer's Iliad, Hector was the Trojan prince who led his troops in the Trojan War. It is not clear from the question as to whether the square metres are in the context of his empire or how much space he occupied personally.By the way, 1 hectare = 10000 sq metres.

How long is hector dolphins?

Hector's dolphins are around 1 metre for males and 1.2 metres for females.

How large is a hector in metric measurement?

A hectare is a unit of area equal to 10,000 square metres (107,639 sq ft)

How many meters in a hector of land?

Hector is like the foot ball ground

How many metres in 1000 linear metres?

There are a thousand metres in 1000 linear metres.

How many grams is 1 hector gram?

1 hector gram = 100 grams

How many cents in 0.0910 Hector?

0.0910 hectares (not hector!) = 22.49 cents (approx).

How many metres in 200cm?

Two metres.

How many metres are there in 275cms?

2.75 metres.

How many in one kilometre?

How many what? metres?? 1000 metres in a km.

How many metres I am 1km?

How many metres in 1/2 km

How many square metres is a room measuring 3.4 metres x5.7 metres?

19.38 square metres

How many cent one hector?

250 (Two hundred and fifty cent is one hector) .

How many metres in a 120 miles?

193,121 metres.

How many metres is 550 yards?

502.92 metres

How many metres are in a decameter?

There are 10 metres in a dekametre.

How many metres are in a decametre?

There are 10 metres in a decametre.

How many metres in 8 foot?

2.4384 metres.

How many metres is 8 foot?

2.4384 metres.

How many metres in 19 miles?

30,577.5 metres.

1260 centimetres is how many metres?

There are: 1260/100 = 12.6 metres

How many meters are there in 18 meters?

Metres and metres are the same measurement. Therefore, 18 metres is equal to 18 metres.

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