How many metres high is a door?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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all depends on which door, internal doors may be 3 feet by 7 feet or 2.1M high

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Q: How many metres high is a door?
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How high is durdle door?

Around 120 metres

A door is 1.23 meters wide how many mm is this?

1.23 metres = 1,230 millimetres

Heigth of a door in m?

The door is approx 2 metres.

How many metres is a door?

It depends. It could be 1 meter wide, two meters height.

How many meters are in a classroom door?

your mamas face

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How tall is a door in m?

Usually about 2 metres.

What is the usual size of a classroom door?

about 2 metres

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