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It would depend on the density of the substance.

For water (which has a density of 1g/cm3):

2 milliliters = 2 grams = 2 000 000 micrograms

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Q: How many micrograms in 2 milliliters?
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You have 480 milliliters of a solution that contians 8 grams. How many micrograms are in 4 milliliters?


How many milliliters in 222 micrograms?

if 222 micrograms of fresh water of density 1 gm/cc, then 222 micrograms equals 222 micro-liters that equals 0.222 milliliters. Result: 0.222 milliliters

1.5 micrograms how many milliliters?

gram is weight, litre is volume if water, 1.5 micrograms = 0.0000015 millilitres

How Drug 200 micrograms in 5 milliliters how many milliliters if prescribed 0.2 milligrams?

5 millilitres. This is because 200 micrograms is actually 0.2mg. So the volume will be the same.

How many milliliters in 100 micrograms of oil?

Mass (micrograms) to volume (millilitres) conversion cannot be performed unless the specific gravity of the oil is known.

How many micrograms are in 2 grams?

There are 1000000 micrograms in one gram. Therefore, 2 grams is equal to 2 x 1000000 = 2000000 micrograms.

How many milliliter is 30micrograms?

This cannot be sensibly answered. Milliliters (mL) is a measure of volume, micrograms is a measure of weight or mass.

2 milligrams equals how many micrograms?

There are 1000 micrograms in a milligram. Therefore, you have to multiply milligrams by 1000. 2x1000 is 2,000 micrograms.

How many micrograms in a milagram?

Since grams (and micrograms) are a unit of mass, and liters (and milliliters) are a unit of volume, they measure different things. Therefore, there is no standard conversion between one and the other - a certain amount of microgrammes (mass) will not always occupy the same volume.

How many micrograms is in 2 milligrams?

There are 1,000 micrograms (mcg) per milligram.So, 2mg = 2 x 1,000 = 2000mcg

How many micrograms equals 2 nanograms?

1000 nanograms = 1 microgram so 2 nanograms = 2/1000 = 0.002 micrograms. Simple!

How many milliliters are in 2 gallons?

7570000000 milliliters