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depends on the car or vehicle and what speed

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Q: How many miles can be driven in an hour?
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How many miles traveled while driving 45 miles per hour?

If you drive for an hour, you have driven 45 miles. If you have driven for a longer or shorter time, you have driven more or less, respectively. You have to specify the amount of time to get the answer.

How many miles can be driven in an hour at speed of 35 mph?

the answer for this question is 35 miles. Answer given in question itself. In this question it stated speed as 35 miles per an hour. That means 35 miles can be driven in an hour with the speed of 35mph.

How many miles can be driven in a half an hour going 55 mph?

27.5 miles at 55 mph

If I travel 35 to 50 miles per hour in 68.1 hours, How many miles have I driven?

To find out how many miles you have driven, you can use the formula: Distance = Speed × Time Given that you're traveling between 35 to 50 miles per hour and you've driven for 68.1 hours, we'll calculate the distance for both the minimum and maximum speeds: For minimum speed (35 miles per hour): Distance = 35 miles/hour × 68.1 hours For maximum speed (50 miles per hour): Distance = 50 miles/hour × 68.1 hours Let's calculate: For minimum speed: Distance = 35 miles/hour × 68.1 hours = 2383.5 miles For maximum speed: Distance = 50 miles/hour × 68.1 hours = 3405 miles So, you have driven between 2383.5 miles and 3405 miles, depending on whether you were traveling at the minimum or maximum speed.

How many miles would you have driven if you drove for 9 hours at 70 miles per hour?

9 x 70 = 630 miles

How many miles driven at 5 hr the average speed of 52 mph?

5 hours x 52 miles / hour = 260 miles

Janna has driven 200 miles If she averages 50 miles per hour how many more hours must she drive before she has driven a total of 500 miles?

Six more hours.

How many hrs is 60 miles driven 40 mph?

1 hour 30 minutes. (1.5 hours).

If you drive 40 mph for 60 minutes how many miles did i drive?

By definition, if I drive at 40 miles per hour for one hour (equivalent to 60 minutes) then I have driven for 40 miles; as for the number of miles you drove, I have no idea.

Driving 19.0 miles is how many minutes?

It depends on the speed of the vehicle as well as the miles driven. At 60 miles per hour (or a mile a minute), it would take 19 minutes. At 30 miles per hour, driving 19 miles would take 38 minutes. In this case, the formula would be: time = speed in minutes X miles driven.

How many hours have your drove at 55 miles per hour with a total of 143 miles driven?

143/55 or 2 h 36 m.

If you drive ninety km in an hr how many miles have you driven?

You have driven 55.9234 miles.