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You can drive up to 300 miles at that rate.

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Q: How many miles can you drive if you have 20 gallons of gas and drive 15 miles per gallon?
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If you drive 234 miles on 9 gallons of gas how many miles per gallon is that?

That is 26 miles per gallon.

If a car drive 378 miles on 14 gallons how many miles can a car drive on 1 gallon?

Jace's car used 14 gallons to travel 378 miles. How far can he travel on 13 gallons?

How many gallons of gas is needed to drive 1800 miles?

If you get 25 miles per gallon you will use 72 gallons.

How many gallons of gas will you use to drive 3528 miles at 20 miles per gallon?


How many miles are in a gallon-?

The amount of miles you can drive on a gallon of gas depends on the vehicle you are driving and how efficient it is. There is no direct relationship between gallons and miles.

How many gallons will you use if you drive 258.4 miles if the car get 13.2 mile per gallon?

19.6 gallons

How many gallons of gas does it take to drive 700 miles?

It depends on the miles per gallon your vehicle gets. If it get 20 miles per gallon then divide 700 by 20 and you get 35 gallons.

How many gallons of gas does it take to drive 265 miles if your car gets 17 miles to the gallon?

About 15.6

How many miles can you drive at 26 miles per gallon on a 15 gallon tank?

26mpg Times 15 gallons is a 390 mile range.

How many gallons of gas woould be needed to drive 2000 if a truck gets 16 miles per gallon?

To get the number of gallons, simply divide the distance by the miles per gallon. 2000 miles / 16 mpg = 125 gallons

How many gallons of gasoline does it take to drive 670 miles based on 25 miles per gallon?

26.8 Gallons Worked out by 670 miles divided by 25.

How many miles could you drive with 15 gallons of gasoline at 32 miles per gallon?


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