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Q: How many miles could you drive with 15 gallons of gasoline at 32 miles per gallon?
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How much gas should it take to drive 740 miles if you get 21 miles per gallon?

35.2381 Gallons of Gasoline.

How many gallons of gasoline does it take to drive 670 miles based on 25 miles per gallon?

26.8 Gallons Worked out by 670 miles divided by 25.

How many gallons of gasoline would be needed to drive 893 miles in a car that averages 19 miles per gallon?

893/19=47 47 gallons.

Amy drove her car 241 miles the car used 8.07 gallons of gasoline on the drive estimate the cars gasoline mileage in miles per gallon?

Estimate 30 mpg

Delia drove her car 179 miles The car used 6.04 gallons of gasoline on the drive Estimate the car's gasoline mileage in miles per gallon?

179/6.04 = 29.63 mpg

What is the gas mileage as a unit rate if you use 3 gallons of gasoline to drive a car 84 miles?

84/3 = 28 miles per gallon.

The Morrison's car uses one gallon of gasoline for every 28 miles if gasoline costs 1.50 per gallon how many miles can they drive if they spend 24 on gasoline?

448 miles is the answerheres the computation:$24 - cost for the trip$1.50 per gallon of Gas28 miles per gallon$24/$1.50= 16 gallons16 gallons X 28 miles per gallon = 448 miles

How much will it cost to drive 579 miles if gas is 3.79 per gallon at 15 miles per gallon?

579 miles / 15 miles per gallon = 38.6 gallons. 38.6 gallons * 3.79 dollars per gallon = $146.30, just for gasoline. To calculate "cost to drive", you may also need to add a quart of oil or the snacks that you bought when you stopped for gas, or tolls.

How many gallons of gas do you need if you have to drive 679 miles if the car holds 21 gallons of gas?

We cannot answer this because.... you forgot to include the miles per gallon figure ! A car that only has a 15-gallon fuel tank could drive just as far as the one in your example - if it did more miles to the gallon !

How much gas should it take to drive 1200 miles if you get 10 miles per gallon?

A simple division problem should yield our answer: 1200 miles ÷ 10 miles/gallon = 120 gallons. Therefore to drive 1200 miles in a vehicle that consumes a gallon of gasoline every 10 miles would require 120 gallons of gas. (Which at approximately $3.50, would be very costly).

How much money would it cost to drive 1400 miles if your car gets 30 miles to the gallom?

Divide 1400 / 30 to get the number of gallons. Then multiply that by the price of gasoline per gallon.

What is the cost to drive 750 miles if the cost of gasoline is 4.12 per gallon and the automobile gets 18 miles per gallon of gasoline?

Divide mileage (750) by miles per gallon (18) to determine how many gallons will be needed and then multiply by the cost of gas (4.12) to determine the cost for the trip: 750 ÷ 18 = 41.67 x 4.12 = $171.68

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