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The vast majority of people do not drive any distance in a truck for work. Since the large mileage clocked up by people driving for work is excluded, the answer is likely to be negligibly small.

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Q: How many miles does a person drive in a truck not for work in a year?
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How many miles can you drive with a gallon of gasoline?

My old truck gets 11mpg, so I can go 11 miles.

How many hours does it take to go 43 miles in a dodge truck?

depends on how fast you drive.

How many miles does a person drive in a lifetime?

Approx 15 lemons

How many miles per gallon do you get on a '89 Silverado Pickup Truck?

A 1989 Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck will get between 14 and 16 miles per gallon. This does vary slightly from person to person, depending on how well the truck is taken care of etc.

If your truck gets 15 miles to the gallonsan it holds 15 gallons how many miles can you drive?

15 * 15 or 225 miles. This is if the fuel pump can get every last drop out of the tank !

How many miles can team truck drivers drive per week?

6,000 - 7,000, if they don't have to sit around and wait for loads.

How many miles do you have to get on your truck before the factory will give you a new truck?

No firm is going to give you a new truck no matter how many miles you have travelled.

How many hours does it take to drive from Portland Oregon to Calexico?

I'm saying 14 by car and 20 hours for a BIG truck drive time total ,its 1016 miles

Is there a law on how many miles or hours you can drive a day going a 20 plus hr drive?

Only if you're a commercial truck driver, driving in the employ of a common carrier.

How many miles does the average person drive to work each day?

as far as I know..its around 40 miles daily..

A person drives 5000 miles in 6 months How many miles will that person drive in 3 years?

5000x2= 10000 miles in 1yr 10000x3= 30000 miles in 3 yrs answre= 30000 miles in 3yrs

How many gallons will you use if you drive 110 miles if the truck get 12 mile per gallon?

You will use about 9.2 gallons of fuel on the trip.