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1,000 feet is slightly less than one fifth of a mile. 1/5 of a mile is exactly 1056 feet.

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Q: How many miles in one thousand feet?
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How one thousand feet is how man miles?

1,000 feet = about 0.189 miles.

How many miles are in twelve thousand four hundred seventy one feet?

5,280 feet = 1 mile 12,471 feet = 2.362 miles (rounded)

How many yards is one thousand feet?

3 feet is one yard, and 1000/3 = 333.3333.. therefore one thousand feet is 333 and one third yards.

How many inches in one thousand feet?

12,000 of them.

A thousand yards equal how many feet?

3,000 feet. (One yard = 3 feet).

How many miles and days to new jersey from sf?

one thousand miles

What is35thousand ft inmiles?

To convert number of feet to miles you should know that one foot is 0.000189394 miles. To do the math, thirty five thousand feet will equal 6.6 287879 miles.

How many yards are in 4.26 thousand feet?

One yard is 3 linear feet, 4.26 thousand is 4260 feet, 4260 /3 = 1420

How many feet in 5 and one half miles?

5.5 miles = 29,040 feet.

464 and one half miles is how many feet?

464.5 miles is 2,452,560 feet.

40 thousand feet is how many miles?

One mile is 5,280 feet. Simply divide 40,000 by 5,280 for the answer.

How many feet iN 3.38 miles?

There are 5280 feet in one mile. Therefore to get amount of feet in miles, value of miles has to be multiplied by amount of feet in one mile: 3.38 miles = [miles] * 5280 = 3.38 * 5280 = 17846.4 feet