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Depends on the car. A big fat heavy truck would get about 8 miles to a gallon. A small car 25-35 miles to a gallon.

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Q: How many miles to the gal?
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How many gal would it take to go 1100 miles if you get 16 miles per gal?

1100m/16 mpg=68.75 gallons

How many miles per gallon does a 2001 Nissan Maxi ma get with 100 thousand miles?

city = maximum 20 miles per gal highway = 26 miles per gal

How many miles per gallon for a Ford F-250?

8 miles per gal.

How many miles can you go on a 35 gal tank at 7 miles a gallon?

35 x 7 = 245 miles.

If you get 30 mpg and have a 16 gal tank how many miles can you go?

30*16 = 480 miles

How many miles per gal does a 2005 caravan get highway?

24 mpg

How many gallons will it take to travel 520 miles at 17 mpg?

520 mi / (17 mi/gal) = 30.6 gal

How many gallons for a 20 mpg car to drive 1100 miles?

1100 mi * 1 gal / 20 mi = 55 gal

If a car goes 23 miles on 1.0 gal of gas how many liters of gad for 135 miles?

L 22

How many miles a gallon do you get if you go 110 miles on 2.7 gallons of gas?

110/2.7 = 40.741 mi/gal

If you get 25 miles to the gallon and you travel 80 miles a day how many gallons of gas do you need for 5 days?

5 day * 80 mi / day * 1 gal / 25 mi = 16 gal

How many miles would a semi truck get on 6 miles to the gallon with a 150 gallon fuel tank?

6 MPG * 150 gal = 900 miles.

How many gallons of gas does a school bus need per mile?

well all bus have about the same miles per gal around 18miles per gal

How many miles per gal dose a 1991 jimmy 4x4 get?

-5.0587 Gallons per mile

How many miles per gal does a Honda 600 shadow get?

45-55 MPG on the 80s models

How many gallons do you need to drive 52 miles?

At 20 mi/gal, it will take 2.6 gallons.

How many pounds makes a gal?

how many lbs in a gal

How many gal in 48qt?

12 gal

How many are 72pt in a gal?

9 gal

How much mpg does your 1964 Ford Thunderbird get?

My 1964 T-Birdgot 9 miles/gal in the city and 14 miles/gal on the highway.bkMy 1964 T-birdgot about the same. Once I changed to non-ethanolfuel, it now gets 12 miles/ gal in the city, and 17 miles/gal on the highway.'64 Thunderbirdswere originally rated at 5.6 miles per gallon in city and 11 miles per gallon on the highway.

How many miles can you go on 20 gal tank of gas?

If you get 1 mile per gallon you can go 20 miles. 10 mpg is 200 miles 20 mpg is 400 miles

Cost to drive 1700 miles at 2.20 per gal based on 24 miles per gallon?

how much will it cost to drive 1800 miles based on 24 miles per gal at $2.20 per gallon

How many miles per gallon of gas can you get with 1993 daewoo racer GTI?

12km/ltr 35mil/gal

How many miles to the gallon does a 1998 ford van e 250 get?

I have one - They are rated by feet per gal.

How many gallons of gas do you need to drive 726 miles?

At 22 mi/gal, it will take 33 gallons.