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1000 millimetres in a metre

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Q: How many milimetre in a metre?
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Related questions

1 millimeter equals how many meter?

1 milimetre is equal to 0.001 metre

What is the equivalent of you meter in decimeter?

1 Metre = 10 Decimetre = 100 Centimetre = 1000 Milimetre

Equivalent of 1 meter in decimeter?

1 Metre = 10 Decimetre = 100 Centimetre = 1000 Milimetre

Is meter millimeters or milliliters?

For volume of liquid it have millilitre and litre but for length it have kilometre, metre, centimetre and milimetre !That's all.

How many milimetre in a foot?

304.8 (rounded)

What is least to greatest centimeter millimeter kilometer meter?

Milimetre (mm) Centimetre (cm) Metre (m) Kilometre (km)

How many meters are in one millimeter?

There are 0.001 metres in 1 millimetre because 1 milimetre is one 1000th of a metre.There are 1/1000 meters = 0.001 meters in one millimeter.1/1000

How many micron in 1 milimetre?

1000 microns = 1 millimetre

Give two examples of a metric unit.?

To name a few:KilometreMetreCentimetreMilimetreKilogramGramLitreMililitre

How many centimeter is equal to one millimeter?

1 milimetre = 0.1 centimetre

How many centilitres in a milimetre?

1 centimetre = 10 millimetres

What is 10millimiter to inches?

One inch is 25.4 milimetre, or one milimetre is 0.0394 inches Ten milimetres is 0.3937 inches.

How long is a milimetre?

It is about the thickness of a CD.

How many grams are in a milimetre?

A gram is a unit of mass. A millimetre is a unit of distance. The two units are therefore incompatible.

What can you measure with millimeters?

Something that is a milimetre long....

How many mm in metre?

1000mm in a metre

What does 2 centimetre 3 milimetre in milimetres?


How many metre in a square metre?

A metre is a unit of length. A square metre is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

How many cm is in a metre?

100cm per metre.

How many milimetres are in a metre?

There are 1,000 millimetres in a metre.

How many centimetres are in metre?

There are 100 cm in a metre.

58 meters equals how many milimeters?

1 milimetre = .001 or 10^-3 metres. 58 metres / .001 = 58,000 milimetres.

How many meters in 1 meters?

There is 1 metre in 1 metre. There is 100 cm in 1 metre.

How many millimetres are in a metre?

There are 1000 millimetres in one metre.

How many centimetres in one metre?

There are 100 centimetres in a metre.