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1,000,000 ( 1 million )

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There are 1,000,000 millimeters in a kilometer.

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Q: How many milimetres are in a kilometer?
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How many milimetres a kilometer?

metre = 1000 centimetre = 10000 millimetre = 1000000

How many milimeters are in a kilometer?

There are 1 million milimetres in a kilometre.

How many milimetres in a meter?

1 Meter = 1000 Milimetres

Is a kilometer larger than a milimeter?

Yes, there are 1000 milimetres in 1 metre and 1000 metres in 1 kilometre.

Why you Canot Use Kilometer For Mesuring Small Distance?

The reason is a Kilometer is made up of 1000 metres. For small distances you would use either metres, centermetres or milimetres

How many milimetres are in a centimeter?


How many centimetres in 579 milimetres?


How many milimetres are equivelant to 250 cm?


How many milimetres are in a metre?

There are 1,000 millimetres in a metre.

How many millimeters is in 100 meters?

100000 milimetres

How many millimeters is 9.4 meters?

9.4 meters is equal to 9400 millimeters.

How many milimetres is 30 microns?

0.030 mm