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3 centimetres = 30 millimetres, not millameters.

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Q: How many millameters are in 3 centimeters?
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How many centimeters are in 10 millameters?

There are 1 centimetres in 10 millimetre, none in 10 millameters.

How many centimeters are in 168 millameters?

168 millimetres (not millametres) = 16.8 centimetres.

Tree hundred millameters are how many centimeters?

300 millimetres = 30 centimetres.

Millameters to centimeters?

10 millimetres = 1 centimetre.

What is a metic unit for temperature?

The fluidity of a plasmolysistic acumen in order of relative warmth.

How many millameters in a meter?


How many cm are in 5o millameters?

50mm = 5cm

12 millameters is how many centameters?

None, since there are no such measures as millameters nor centameters. However, 12 millimetres equals 1.2 centimetres.

How many millameters are in a foot?

1 foot = 304.8 millimetres.

How many millameters in a decimeter?

1 decimetre = 100 millimetres.

How many cenimenters are in millameters?

1 millimetre = 0.1 centimetre.

How many centimeters in 3'?

3 feet are 91.44 centimeters.