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25000 milliliters

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Q: How many milliliters can you pour of liquid into a bowl that hold 25 liters?
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If a bottle holds 2 liters of liquid then how many milliliters of liquid does it hold?

2000 ml1 liter = 1000 mililiters 1 mililiter = 0.001 liter

Will a can of soda hold about 350 milliliters or liters?

0.355 L

Does an aquarim hold 25 liters of water or 25 milliliters?

25 Liters

Does a bucket of water probably hold 9 liters or 9 milliliters of water?

9 liters is common for a bucket. 9 milliliters is just two teaspoonsful.

Can a dog bowl hold 800 milliliters?

Yes, it should.

Can a 2 liter bottle hold 80000 milliliters?

Yes because 350 milliliters is .350 liters.

Which measure is most reasonable for the amount of liquid a bowl will hold?

Which measure is most reasonable for the amount of liquid a bowl will hold

How many liters does a tap hold?

A tap does not hold any liquid. The liquid simply passes through it.

What is the amount of liquid a container can hold?

it can hold about 8-10 liters of liguid but to a regular liquid container

If a container holds 6.7 liters of water how many milliliters will it hold?

670 ml

Is a bowl of soup 600 ml or 6 liters?

No, no normal food bowl for table use could hold 350 liters, which equals more than six hundred pints. 350ml, or 350 milliliters, or .35 liter, or about 12oz, would be a reasonable capacity for a soup bowl. One liter, or 1000 milliliters, equals about 1.8 pints (UK) or 2 pints (US), or 35oz. The capacity of soup bowls vary; they can hold anywhere from 230ml (8oz UK) to 500ml (half a liter, or 16oz UK), and might hold more, or less, depending on style and use.

If something hold 250 liters of water how many milliliters does it holds?

The correct answer is........250,000 ml.