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There are one thousand millions in a billion. For pounds, and everything else.

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Q: How many million pounds in a billion?
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Related questions

How much is a trillion pounds?

a billion pounds is a million million. so a trillion is a billion billion. 1 trillion equals 1,000,000,000,000

How much is bill gates worth in pounds?

He is worth about 4.4 billion pounds because an American billion is less than a British billion. An American billion is 1000 million pounds whilst a British billion is a million million pounds

How many million pounds in one billion?

one thousand million

How many million in a billion pounds?

One thousand

How many million pounds are in a billion pounds?


How many tons are 200 billion pounds?

2,000 pounds = 1 ton 200 billion pounds = 100 million tons

How many pounds in 250 million tons?

One ton is equal to 2000 pounds. This means 250 million tons*2 thousand pounds/1 ton=500 million thousand pounds. Million thousand is not an appropriate place identifier, but is the same as a billion. So the answer is 500 billion pounds.

200 billion pounds equals how many tons?

100 million tons

How many tons are 13 billon pounds?

(13 billion pounds) / (2,000 pounds per ton) = 6.5 million tons

Half a billion dollars in pounds?

284.62458 million British pounds

What is 1 percent of a billion British Pounds Sterling?

10 million Pounds

How many pounds in a billion pounds?

1 billion.

How many kg in 14 billion pounds?

14 billion pounds = 6.35 billion kg

How million pounds in one billion?

one thousand

What equals a million tons?

One million tons equals two billion pounds.

560 billion is how many million?

560 billion is 560,000 million each billion equals 1,000 million

How many million are there in 0.1 billion?

1 billion = 1000 million so 0.1 billion = 100 million

How many million are in 1.4 billion?

There are 1,400 million in 1.4 billion, since 1,000 million is equal to a billion.

How many pounds is 1.6 billion tons?

1.6 billion tons = 3200 billion pounds

What is 200 billion pounds of coal converted into tons?

200 billion / 2000 (that is the amount of pounds in a ton) = one hundred million

How many million makes a billion?

1000 million is 1 billion.

How many million is in 0.5 billion?

500 million is in 0.5 billion.

How many million is 11.18 billion?

11.18 billion = 11,180 million

How many 1 billion is million?

1 million = 0.001 billion

How many million is 0.45 billion?

0.45 billion is 450 million.