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10 million.

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Q: How many millions is equal to 1 crore rupees?
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One crore is equal to how many millions?

One crore rupees is equal to ten million rupees, used as a simplification system to make large amounts of currency easier to read.

10 millon rupees equal to how many rupees in crore?

10 million = 1 crore

3000 million is equal to how many crores?

A crore is a unit of currency equal to ten million rupees. Therefore, 3000 million rupees is equal to 300 crore rupees.

How many lakh rupees equal one crore rupees?

100 lakhs equals 1 crore rupees. 1,00,00,000 - This is 1 crore. You can say it as 100 lakhs or 1 crore

40 billion dollars are equal to how many Indian rupees?

180800 crore rupees

How many millions are in a crore?

A crore is equal to ten million. Therefore, 1 million is equal to 0.1 crore.

How many dollars equal to 150 core rupees?

1 crore is equivalent to about 10 million rupees, so in Canadian currency if 1 dollar is 40 rupees, then 250,000 Canadian is equal to one crore. 37.5 million dollars is about 150 crore.

How many millions is 150000000 crore rupees is in dollars?

one hundred and fifty million

How many crores is equal to 10 million?

One crore is equal to 10,000,000 (ten million). Therefore, 10 crore is equal to 10,000,000 x 10 = 100,000,000 rupees.

How many USD is INR 450 crore?

A crore rupee is equal to ten million rupees. In 2014, 450 crore is equal to more than seventy million US dollars - $73,310,653.06 .

500 million dollar means how many rupees?

if 1 million dollar is 10 lakhs than 500 millions will be 50 crore in rupees.

1 billion equal to how many rupees?

I billion in what currency? Pounds? Euros? Roubles?