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The prefix milli stands for one-thousandth (1/1000). A milliroentgen is one-thousandth of a roentgen. There are one thousand (1000) milliroentgens in one roentgen

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Q: How many milliroentgen are in one roentgen?
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One of roentgen's early observations was that x-rays are not deflected by magnetic field what does this indicate about the nature of the rays?

That means the Roentgen rays are electrically neutral.

When was David Roentgen born?

David Roentgen was born in 1743.

When was Roentgen Stories created?

Roentgen Stories was created in 2004.

When was Abraham Roentgen born?

Abraham Roentgen was born in 1711.

When did Abraham Roentgen die?

Abraham Roentgen died in 1793.

When did David Roentgen die?

David Roentgen died in 1807.

What is the contribution of Roentgen Wilhelm?

Wilhelm Roentgen is perhaps most famous for his discovery of Roentgen Rays or more commnly known as the X-Ray.

What did roentgen invent in 1895?

Roentgen invented nothing in 1895. In 1896, he detected and produced "Roentgen Rays," what are now called X-rays.

What is the religion of Roentgen?

Any link between Roentgen (the person or the rays) and religion.

What did William Roentgen invent?

Dr. Roentgen is best known for the discovery of "Roentgen Rays" as they were previously widely known. We know them in modern times as "X-Rays."

What contributions did Roentgen make to the field of nuclear chemistry?

Roentgen discovered X-Rays.

What do hospitals do differently today as a result of Wilhelm Roentgen?

Roentgen discovered x-rays I think