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10mm = 1cm

10*25 = 250mm

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Q: How many millmetres the are in 25cm?
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How many millmetres are in one centimeter?


How many millimeter in 25cm?

25cm = 250mm

How many many meters are in 25cm?

There are 0.25 meters in 25cm

How many m are in 25cm?

25cm = quarter metre.

How much millmetres in a liter?

That is 1,000 ml.

How many lengths of 25cm can you cut from 280cm?

You can cut 11 lengths of 25cm from 280cm.

How many squares are there in a 25cm x 25cm square?

There are 625 one-centimeter squares in a 25cm x 25cm square.

How many mm in 25cm?


What is 25cm how many mm?


How many cm in a 0.25 meters?

One meter is 100cm so a quarter of that is 25cm. There is 25cm in 0.25m.

How many millimeters are there in a quarter of a meter?

250 mm 1/4 of a metre = 25cm 25cm = 250mm

How many centimeters in 250 millimeter?