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One hour equals sixty minutes. One fifth of sixty equals 12.

60 + 12 = 72 minutes.

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Q: How many mins is in 1.2 hours?
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How many days is 12 hours 35 mins?

12 hours and 35 mins is not a full day, it is only half a day and 35 mins

How many mins in 12 hours?


How many hours is 760 mins?

12 2/3 hours

How many hours does it take to go from Alabama to Texas?

822 mi (about 12 hours 21 mins)

How many hours and minutes are 753 minutes?

12 hrs 33 mins

How many hours will it take to drive from New Bern North Carolina to Florida?

12 hours 17 mins

How many hours does it take to get from odon Indiana to panama city beach?

About 11 hrs and 50 mins to 12 hours.

What fraction of an hour and mins is 265 mins?

2 and 5/12 hours

How many hours minutes and seconds in 72725 seconds?

20 hrs, 12 mins, 5 seconds

How many hours does it take to drive 751 miles?

12 hrs 31 mins at 60 mph

How many hours and mins in 160 mins?

2 hours and 40 minutes.

How many mins are hours are in 65 mins?

1 hours and 5 minutes

How many hours in 90 mins and how many minutes?

90 mins is 1hr 30 mins.

It is now 41 mins to 12 what time will it be in 5 hours and 43 mins?


How many 5 mins are in 2 hours?

there are 14 five mins in 2 hours

How many miles is it from Florida to Pennsylvania?

Driving from Jacksonville to Pittsburgh it is 830 mi – about 12 hours 46 mins.

How many miles is it from Omaha NE to Salt lake City UT?

933mi about 12 hours and 53 mins.

What is the flight time between hong Kong and Amsterdam?

12 hours 55 mins direct with Cathy pacific 12 hours 55 mins direct with Cathy pacific

What is the elapsed time from 19 hours 30 mins minus 12 hr 40 mins?

6 hrs 40 mins

How many mins is in 24 hours?

86400 mins.

How many minutes are there between 3.45 and 16.20?


How many howers and mins from 12 to 15 pster4?

If that's fifteen past four, then the answer is four hours and fifteen minutes.

How much hours does 720 minutes equal?

60 mins. in one hour.720 mins = 12 hoursSo, 720 divided by 60 = 12 hours Hoped this helped!

How long does it take to walk 11 km?

Probably between 2 hours and 2 and a half hours, depending on how fast you walk. (Average is 1 km in 12 mins x 11 = 132mins = 2hrs, 12 mins).

How many hours are in 127 mins?

2hrs 7 mins