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180 min.

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Q: How many minuets is 3 hours?
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How many minuets are in 3 hours?


How many hours are in 480 minuets?

Eight hours exactly !

How many minuets are their in 5 hours?

There are 300 minutes in 5 hours

If a movie is 180 minuets long how long is the movie in hours?

Exactly 3 hours

How long is 210 minuets?

3 hours and 30 minutes

How far is tehran from Baghdad?

10 hours 3 minuets

How many hours is 1230pm to 9pm minus 30 minuets?

That is eight hours.

How many minuets are in 9 hours?

540 minutes.

How many minuets are in twenty-four hours?


How many minuets are in 4000 hours?

240000 minutes

How many minuets are in one and a half hours?


Since there are 23 Hours, 56 Minuets & 4.1 Seconds in a day, what happens to the extra 3 Minuets & 56.9 Seconds?

shut down

How long does it take to get from Manchester to Newcastle?

3 hours 30 minuets.

What fraction of 3 hours is 48 minuets?

48 minutes is 4/15 of 3 hours. 48 minuets sounds like Johann Sebastian's manic week following a 5-day binge.

How long is a flight from Kansas City to Boston?

3 hours 15 minuets

How many minuets in 2 hours and 30 minuets?

Note that 1 hour = 60 minutes. Then, 2 hours = 120 minutes. Add that by 30 to obtain 150 minutes, which is the same as 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How many hours are in a year on Mars?

There are 16,523 hours and 26 minuets in one Mars year.

How many hours is 60 miles?

1 hour and 7 minuets

How many second are there in 3 minuets?


How long is the flight from Auckland to Brisbane?

3 hours and 20 minuets3 hours 20 minutes

What does 2 hours equal to?

120 minuets, 8 1/3% of a day, 7,200 seconds

How many hours do you set your watch back after flying from st-johns to Winnipeg?

2 Hours and 30 minuets.

How many hours in 90 minuets?

there are 60 minutes in an hour so there is 1 and a half hours in 90 minutes

How many minutes are is 180 seconds?

3 minuets

How many minuets are in 6 hours?

There are 360 minutes in 6 hours. (1 hour = 60 minutes.)