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This is simple enough, so long as you know how many units there are in other units. So, let's take this from the easy end first. There are four minutes in four minutes. (Yes, that's both obvious and redundant, but it doesn't hurt to be clear and thorough.)

Next, there are sixty minutes in one hour. So, in six hours, that's 6x60=360 minutes.

Finally, there are twenty-four hours in a day. To find out how many minutes are in a day, that's 24x60, which is 1440 minutes. In this case, we then multiply that by 167 to get 240,480 minutes.

Now, to finally get around to answering the question, add our three answers together. 240,480+360+4=240,844 minutes.

(Does that seem like a lot of minutes, or not very many to you?)

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Q: How many minutes are in 167 days 6 hours 4 minutes?
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