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Depending on quantity, temperature, and humidity, from about 120 minutes to possibly several days.

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Q: How many minutes does HIV survive in a clipper?
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What is a negative result?

* It means that you do not have HIV.

Can you have aids negative or positive?

Not exactly. "HIV positive" means that someone's test for HIV antibodies came back positive, i.e. that the antibodies are present and that the person has at least been exposed to, and is almost certainly infected with, the virus. AIDS, however, is a syndrome, or condition. There isn't a specific test for it, so the terms "positive" and "negative" have no real meaning. AIDS means that not only is the person infected, but the infection has progressed to the point that they are showing symptoms. You can be "HIV positive" (the test showed antibodies) or "HIV negative" (the test did not show antibodies), but not "AIDS positive" or "AIDS negative". Everyone with AIDS is (or should be, since HIV is the virus that causes AIDS) "HIV positive", but it's possible to be "HIV positive" for a considerable length of time before eventually developing AIDS.

Is it possible to get the wrong results when testing HIV?

The major concern with HIV testing that is inaccurate is when people test too early. In order for an HIV test to be accurate, there have to be enough antibodies present for the test to pick up. If a person tests too soon after infection, the body may not have had time to develop antibodies which can be measured. In these cases, a test will return a negative result, when in fact the person is HIV positive.

Are there any vectors associated with HIV?

The vector is body fluid exchangeCorrection:Bodily fluids are not technically vectors. A vector is a living organism, usually a mosquito or tick, that is capable of transmissing disease. To date, no vectors have been identified as causing HIV infection.

What does a plus and minus tattoo on the top of a leg symbolize?

there was a point of time in the early 80's when there was a trend of tattooing a + or - on yourself as an indication of if you were HIV + or HIV-. if some one who was negative became positive they sould just change the negative to a positive of get a positive tattooed next to it. however it could symbolize nothing and just look neat, or it could symolize something to the person who has it.

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Can HIV survive in tap water?

HIV will only survive in water for a matter of minutes - even less in chlorinated water - but it will in any case be so diluted as to be harmless.

How long does HIV lives in a knife?

HIV is a living cell. That means it will require certain conditions for it to survive. In short, as soon the blood dries up, it will also die because it will have no source of life or the condition to support its living.

How long will hiv survive on a toothbrush?

Chlamydia can live for 15 minutes at 45 degrees F, and for 1 minutes at 80 degrees F.

Can HIV virus survive in hot water?

HIV virus can not survive in hot water.

Can a HIV virus survive on a needle in air?

For a short period of time, HIV does survive on a needle in air.

How many second HIV virus alive outside human body?

The amount of time HIV can live outside of the body is dependent on the amount of fluid present. Once HIV leaves the body its a very short period of time, regardless of the amount of fluid, until the virus is dead. A matter of a few minutes maximum.

Unsafe sex for 2 minutes can you be infected with HIV?

Yes, it is possible to get HIV if you had sexual intercourse for less than a minute.

When the dried HIV blood can transmite the HIV?

1) Dry blood can't transmit HIV. 2) HIV virus can't survive out of the body/host for more than 10 minutes depending on the volume of the blood and the temperature. 3) However, on the dry blood there maybe other kinds of bacteria that might be lingering around. Hope that answers your questions.

Can HIV spread from airbone contact?

NO. its a pathogen that is transmitted only through bodily fluids other then the digestive tract

Is the hiv virus remains present on needle in the air?

For a short period of time, HIV does survive on a needle in air.

Can you get aids from dead people?

No. HIV cannot survive in a corpse.

Can you get HIV by sucking a pennies?

Not AIDS, but HIV can transfer through that.