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30 minutes

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Q: How many minutes have pass if it is half past the hour?
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IN One hour takes how many minutes?

It takes 60 minuts for one whole hour to pass.

On average how many minutes does it take someone to pass out when drunk?

How many minutes it takes for someone to pass out drunk depends on how much they drank.

Why is 13 minutes to 6 the same as 47 minutes pass 5?

There are 60 minutes in an hour. Add the 13 and 47 and that gives you 60. So at 47 minutes after 5, it will be 13 minutes before 6.

Can a women pass urine within half an hour of intercourse if she want to conceive?

yes ofcourse.

How much time pass if it was 1105 am to 1232 pm?

1 hour and 27 minutes or 87 minutes (plus any multiple of 24 hours).

Two people running pass each other they continue in opposite directions the first person runs 6 mph the other one is running 10 mph how many minutes will pass before they are 2 miles apart?

7 mins 30 sec. Their combined speeds are 16mph, this is their relative speed to each other. After an hour they will be 16 miles apart. After half an hour 8 miles apart, after 15 minutes 4 miles apart and after 7 mins and 30 seconds they will be 2 miles apart. 7.5 minutes ~ Dawn Ayers

How long does it take for a sheep to pass afterbirth?

It should be passed within a half hour of the birth of the lamb.

If a subway car passes three stations every ten minutes how many stations will it pass in one hour?

3/10=x/60 10x=180 x=18 The subway car would pass 18 stations each hour.

How long does a 24 oz beer takes to pass a breathalyzer and a male that weighs 230 pounds?

Approximately one hour to an hour and a half, depending on the size of the person.

Can you take a Redbox movie back the same day you got it?

Maybe maybe not just kidding no they see how long is the movie and if it 1 hour and 30 minutes and a hour and 30 minutes pass the machine says you saw it already by KINGKICKASS

What time is a quarter pass 2 o'clock?

2:15 because since a quarter of a hour is 15 minutes so just remember a quarter it just a fourth of a hour.

How many print hp 10000s in 1 hour 4 pass?

How many square meters does the HP10000s print in an hour on 4 pass mode? Does this sound better? Answer: 360dpi=16m² 720dpi=12m²

How many times in a day does a clock hands pass each other?

24. They pass each other after every hour.

A doctor gives you 5 pills and tells you to take one pill every half an hour How many hours pass until all the pills are taken?

2 Hours. This is because when the doctor gives you the pills you eat one straight away. then you eat one every half hour which makes you take 2 hours.

How do you figure the answer for when it is four o'clock how many minutes must pass before it gets to four o'clock?

12 hours later e.g. 4am to 4pm, or 4pm to 4am 1 hour = 60 minutes 12 hours = 60 x 12 = 720 minutes

Can you pass a saliva drug test with gum and mt dew?

and you want to know why..? but you chew the gum for an hour (one hour before the test) and then you chug a can of mt dew 30 minutes before

How many half life of gold-198 will pass after 16 3 days?

Just over 6 half lives.

Traveling at forty miles per hour it takes a long freight train 2.00 minutes to pass a station and each freight car is fifty ft long so how many cars are in this train?

1408 cars

The distance from the Sun to Earth is ninety-three million miles. How many days does it take to pass this distance?

It depends on your speed. A ray of light travels the distance in about eight and a half minutes. The distance can be represented as 149,637,000 kilometers. A car going at 90 kilometers/hour will travel the distance in 69277 days (about 190 years). An airplane going at 800 kilometers/hour will travel the distance in only 7794 days (21.4 years).

How many degrees the minute hand of a clock pass in 15 minutes?

It is 90 degrees

How many hours will pass by from 845 AM to 315 PM?

6 hours and 30 minutes.

When it is four o'clock how many minutes must pass before the big hand gets to when the little hand was at four o'clock?

20 minutes

'how many hours would pass for hour hand move a thee quarters of a circle?


What angle is formed by the hands of a clock at 1201?

360 degrees divided by 60 minutes. This equal 6 degrees for each minute. So the angle formed when the minute hand is 1 minute pass 12 will be about 6 degrees minus the hour hnd which may have move just slight pass the hour digit.

How is inheritance pass on?

By Genes, half from the mother and half from the father.