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10 degrees = 600 minutes.

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Q: How many minutes is in 10 degrees?
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Related questions

How many minutes in 10 degrees?

10 degrees = 600 minutes.

How many minutes do you bake at 350 degrees to equal 22 minutes at 400 degrees?

One hour and 10 minutes.

Cooking 50 minutes at 375 degrees F equals how many minutes at 350 degrees F?


How many degrees does an hour hand move in 10 minutes?

Five degrees.

How many degrees does the minute hand of a clock turn in 10 minutes?

There are 360 degrees on the clock face that the minute hand travels in one hour which is 6 x 10 minutes. So the degrees turned by the minute hand in 10 minutes is 360/6 = 60

How many degrees is equal to 60 minutes?

One Degree has 60 minutes. 130 minutes are ?1 Degree 30 minutes13 Degrees2 Degrees 30 minutes2 Degrees 10 minutes

How many degrees of longitude wide is the mainland US?

60°10'05" (60 degrees, 10 minutes, five seconds)

How many many degrees does a minute hand move in 10 minutes?

60° In 60 minutes, it moves 1 whole revolution, or 360°. So, in 10 minutes it will move 10/60 x 360°, or 60°

Where is 6 degrees 48 minutes North 58 degrees 10 minutes West?


Through how many degrees does the minute hand of a clock turn in 10 minutes?


What is the angle described by hour hand in 10 minutes?

60 minutes = one whole circle = 360 degrees. That is, 1 minute = 360/60 = 6 degrees So 10 minutes = 10*6 = 60 degrees.

Where is 59 degrees 55 minutes north and 10 degrees 45 minutes east?

It is located in Germany

How many minutes are in 100 degrees?

100 degrees is 6,000 minutes.

How many degrees in 40 minutes?

40 minutes is 0.667 degrees.

How many degrees are in 20 minutes?

0.333 degrees in 20 minutes.

What is the latitude and longitude of Thane?

19 degrees, 15 minutes north, 73 degrees 10 minutes east.

What is the latitude and longitude of Luxembourg?

49 degrees, 45 minutes North, 6 degrees, 10 minutes East

What is angle at 910?

On the clock each minute represents 6 degrees and so 10 minutes is 60 degrees and 25 minutes is 150 degrees

How many degrees is 439642 minutes?

439,642 minutes equals 7,327.367 degrees.

How many degrees in 90 minutes?

90 minutes equals 1.5 degrees.

How many degrees south of equator is KEROLA India?

Kerola is spelled Kerala. Kerala is approximately 10 degrees 50 minutes north of the equator.

How many degrees is 439642 minutes in Degrees Minutes and Seconds?

Divide that by 60 to get degrees. If you want degrees and minutes, do an integer division by 60; the remainder will be the minutes. Seconds will of course be zero in this case.

How many degrees does a minute hand move in 40 minutes?

60 minutes = 360 degrees so 40 minutes = 240 degrees.

How many degrees does a clock minute hand turn in 20 minutes?

Since a clock hand turns 360 degrees in 60 minutes, it will move 30 degrees in 5 minutes and 120 degrees in 20 minutes.

How long to bake mini cupcakes?

Lower the temperature 25 degrees and bake for 10-15 minutes. Start checking after 10 minutes.