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Q: How many minutes of commercials are in a typical 60 minute show?
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How many commercials are in 8 minutes?

Depends which country you're in ! In the UK, commercials between programs are average 30 seconds each - so you'd get 16 in an 8 minute period.

How many commercials are show on an average commercial break?

A typical TV show is usually approximately 22 minutes for every 1/2 hour of time. So each 1/2 hour show has 8 minutes or so of commercials. Double this for 1 hour shows (16 minutes of commercials for every hour).

How many commercials in a 30 minute show?


How many minutes of commercials in a football game?

5 minutes

How many commercials are in a thirty minute television show?

It depends. Somtimes thay are 1; every fifteen minutes, two; every ten minutes, or three; every nine minutes or so. On a different note: Help make number one, put the link to in your website. If you like sheep, it's awesome.

How many minutes of commercials in 30 minute tv show?

In the US there are approximately eight or 8-1/2 minutes of commercials per half hour of broadcast television. On cable there are about 10 full minutes of commercials which is why syndicated versions of television shows are edited to remove at least 1-1/2 to 2 minutes of the show to fit in the cable channel's timeslot. Pay cable shows have no commercials and can be anywhere from 25 minutes to 29 minutes in length. In the UK on ITV and other commercial networks there are 6 to 7-1/2 minutes of commercials per half hour, but the BBC only shows commercials for their own shows at the end of a program if there is room, so a half-hour show there can run up to 29-1/2 minutes with no commercials at all.

How many minutes and hours are in minutes?

There is exactly 1 minute in a minute. There is 0.01666... recurring hours in 1 minute.

How many minutes of commercials were broadcast during Super Bowl XL?

47 minutes.

How many TV commercials within 15 minutes?


How many minutes of commercials in a half hour show?


How many minutes of commercials in 1 hour prime time tv show?

31 minutes

How many minutes are there in a minute?