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It depends on the size of the candle and what its made of.

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Q: How many minutes or hours does it takes for a candle to burn?
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How long will a tea candle burn?

A yellow Candle takes approximatly twenty-two minutes and twenty seconds

How long does it take for a white colored candle to burn out?

It takes a white candle to burn out like 2 and a half hours maybe even 3 hours.

Which one takes longer to burn rubber or a candle?

a candle takes longer to burn but it smells nicer, especially if it is a scented candle

How long does the average candle last?

Well the average candle usually lasts up to 7-8 years, but if it is not an average candle it lasts for 3 months.

How long will it take for a candle wick to burn down?

for me really i think that it takes 2 - 3 hrs depending on the lenght of the candle wick

How long does it take to burn a daisy?

it takes 2 minutes for it fully to burn

Why does a white candle melt faster than a colored candle?

Because white candle doesn't have any paint on it. The paint takes longer to burn than just pure white burning.

How many hours or minutes can a coil burn?

It depends on the size of the coil and the burn rate.

If a plant and a burning candle are placed under a bell jar will the candle burn?

no it will not it needs carbon dioxide to burn, without it theres no way the candle will be able to burn

When was Burn Like a Candle created?

Burn Like a Candle was created on 1972-06-25.

Does a candle burn the brightest towards the end?

yes, candle will burn brighter before extinguision

What is the reason for a yellow candle to burn faster than a colored candle'?

actually the color does not effect how fast the candle burn, i got confused of " Does candle's color effect how candle's burn?"but i think the color does not effect how candle burns. But some people will think that the white or yello candle will burn slower because color will obsorb the heat more. Hope i have answered your question.