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1 year = 12 months

2 years = 24 months

3 years = 36 months



8 years = 96 months

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Q: How many months are in eight years?
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How many Twelve months are there in Eight years?

There are eight twelve months (or years) in eight years.

How many months are there in twelve years?

There are eight twelve months (or years) in eight years.

How many years are in fifty-eight months?

There are four years and ten months in fifty-eight months. One year is equal to twelve month and four years is equal to forty-eight months. When you subtract the forty-eight months from firsty-eight months, you get ten months.

How many years and months did it take for Japan surrendered after they bombed Pearl Harbor?

Three years eight months. Three years eight months.

How many years are in 1701 days?

About four years, eight months.

How many years to go?

It is estimated that it would take eight months to travel from Earth to Mars and another eight months to return.

How many dog years are in eight months?

im not sure about 8 months but there is 7 dog years in one human year (12 months) hope this helps

How many years was America in World War 2?

From December 1941 to August 1945. About 3 years and eight months.

How many 7 years in month?

12 x 7 equals 84. There are 84 months in 7 years. I think you made a typo.

There are twelve months in a year how many months have twenty eight days?

Only the month of February has 28 days, and in leap years it has 29.

How many months and years is 3000 days?

3.000 is three days If you mean 3000. then three thousand days is 8 years and 21 days

How many months is one year and eight months?

20 months