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A month is not of uniform length of time. So 59 days could be two months in a non leap-year (Jan+Feb or Feb+Mar) or three days less than two months (Jul+Aug or Dec+Jan).

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Q: How many months are in fifty nine days?
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How many days are in nine months?

The average days in 9 months is 274 days. The exact answer to this question depends on the months in question, because some of the months may have 30 or 31 days or 28, or 29 days.

How many months and days exactly from August 28 2012 to November 6 2012?

That's 70 days or two months and nine days.

How many month is 68 days?

Around 2 months. Five Days I believe. Nine weeks :3

How many vacation days do personal financial advisors get?

about nine and one-half months

How many Long is a thousand days with leap years?

It's about two years and nine months.

How many months pregnant is 280 days?

It's the full nine months plus some. You would be a week to 10 days past your expected delivery date.

How many days are there in a birth trimester?

If there's nine months in a pregnancy then divide by three to get a trimester. Therefore there are three months in a trimester

Nine months equals how many calendar days?

About 273 days you could give or take a few if you include the month of Feburary and or months with 30 or 31 days!

How many months is there in 273 days?

About nine months. (273/30=9.1) However, the exact count would depend on the months you choose, since you have a choice of 28, 29, 30, or 31 days in a month.

How many inches is four eleven?

fifty nine

How many weeks in nine months?

you are 36 week if you are nine months pregnant.

How many months is 38 months?

To solve this, first you must find out how many days are in 38 weeks. By doing 38x7, you get 266 days. Then, by dividing that number by 30 (the average amount of days in a month) you get a total of 8.87 months. However, since we didn't account the months with 31 days, i would round the answer to eight and a half months in 38 weeks. 38 weeks is one week shy of nine months.