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There are 5 months which are January, April, July, October, and December.

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Q: How many months have 5 saturdays in 2011?
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In 2011 how many months have five weekends?

Here is list of Months the have 5 Saturdays in 2011 January, April, July, October, December

How many months have 5 Saturdays in 2012?

Three months had five Saturdays in 2012. They were June, September and December.

How many months have 5 Saturdays per year?

For 2009 that would be four months.

What months in 2013 have 5 Saturdays?

In 2013 March, June, August and November each have 5 Saturdays.

How many 5wk months are in 2011?

I want to know How many 5 week months are in 2011?

How many months have five Fridays in 2011?

In 2011, the months that have 5 Fridays are; April, July, September and December.

How many singers in the Saturdays?


How many Saturdays were there in the month of October 2009?

In October 2009, there were 5 Saturdays.

How many weeks in 2011 are there 5 Tuesdays?

There is only one Tuesday in each week in 2011. What you probably meant is how many months in 2011 had 5 Tuesdays. March, May, August and November all had 5 Tuesdays in 2011, so that is 4 months.

How many months have five Sundays in 2011?

Four months will have 5 Sundays in 2011. January, May, July, and October.

How many Saturdays and Sundays are in a month?

A month always has 28 or more days, so as there are 7 days in a week there are always at least 4 Saturdays and four Sundays in a month. As most months have more than 28 days, there can be up to 5 Saturdays and up to 5 Sundays in a month.

How many months have 5 weekends in 2011?

3 months had five Sat-Sun weekends in 2011: January, July, and October.