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He/She can be anywhere from 108 months old (nine years exactly) to 119 months.

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Q: How many months old is a nine year old?
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You are nine years old how many months old are you?

9 years x 12 months in a year = 108 months

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Nine months later she has a baby.

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How many morths is a 13 year old?

12 months in a year; 156 months in 13 years.

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I think its 24

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1 year = 12 months.

How many months old are you if you're 13 years old?

13 × 12 = 156 months if using full years.Note: there are 12 months in a full year.

How old are rabbits when they have reached their adult size?

over seven months to nine months.

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A typical nine year old will be very active and inquisitive. The child will ask you many questions and will explore their new surroundings often.

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I'm surprised you don't know how many months there are in a year. That's a fundamental piece of knowledge, from pre-primary school time. All right, I'll be kind; 12 months.

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how much augmentin can a nine year old take?

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